These are some of the tools I use/have used, and also some additional cool sites and software. It’s sort of like a webring. I use this page frequently and adding stuff to it all the time, since bookmarks within my browser are often forgotten about. This is a way they’re not forgotten.

art / design

design inspiration

DoingCoolStuff: A directory of brand, motion and digital product design studios doing cool stuff.
Site Inspire: cool website directory massive directory of useful tools for designers





NetNewsWire: Free and open-source RSS reader. A great option for people looking to cut social media out of their life. blogging platform for people using StandardNotes. 
  • Libgen: shadow library of free books, that you would normally pay for (rare or not), in multiple formats. I can’t stress this enough this is the best website for free books you will ever find.
  • Anna’s Archive: shadow library meta aggregator. Similar to Libgen, with more books that it sources from other sites. Does not store the books, just directs you to where you can find them.
  • Kaomoji: Japanese emoticons ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ
  • bypass paywalls
  • macosicons: thousands of free macos icons to replace the ugly icons with

  • cool tech things

  • OldCrap: repository of vintage electronics